Monday, April 18, 2011

4 practical ways to care and extend the life of your M&Co blouse

It is very important to be at your best at all times since your blouse and physical appearance projects much about your personality. Keep your M&Co blouses crisp, clean and elegant using four simple steps.

Handwash only please!

Most M&Co. blouses will be expanded when put into much pressure like the washing machine. If you cannot avoid using the washing machine then at least use lukewarm water and set the washing machine to low or delicate.

Avoid using strong detergents or bleaching agents

This will definitely destroy your M&Co blouse. If a stubborn stain refused to be removed, try soaking your M&Co blouse for a few hours more to lighten the stain's mark.

Avoid using wire hangers

Some M&Co blouse has laces and these might get caught in the hanger and will ruin your your pretty blouse. Use wooden or plastic hangers instead.

Watch the tag

One of the easiest way to know the proper care for your M&Co blouse is simply by checking the tag and voila! your caring instructions is staring at you. We sometimes overlook the simple instructions written on it but by following these steps we can save a lot.


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