Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Right Business Casual Attire

Have you ever been invited to an event wherein the attire requires a "business casual clothing"? Well, I do mostly during interviews or business gatherings. But I often wonder how casual is casual? I mean, from my point of view. A casual clothing is t-shirt, jeans and shoes. But then again we must be dressed to impress, right?

So in this post I would like to share my research on business casual clothing. By definition in ehow.com, casual clothing is the opposite of what you would wear to a formal gathering. Business casual means casual clothes worn in the office. 

However, nowadays a business casual is more like a business attire. Below is the most common business casual attire combination for both men and women. 

business casualImage by IreneKaoru via Flickr
For women, a business casual attire must a skirt(not too short) or a slacks. Jeans is a definite no-no. For the top, a dress shirt or polo would do. 

For men,  a collared shirt top and cotton trousers (preferably colored blue, green, brown, or black trousers) with a belt, and modest shoes with socks is generally acceptable.

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