Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 essential tips when buying online

Before spending a chunk of your money to buy a shirt, dress, food or any other product online. Make sure you read this 5 tips first and save yourself from a whole truckload of headache.

1. Check the return policy. If you are buying the shirt online, always make sure that the site offers a money back guarantee. You should be able to return the shirt if it doesn't fit. Or at least an exchange return policy will do.

2. Know your body. The only way to know if a shirt fits you is through the size indicated in the site. Therefore, you must be very familiar with your body fit and body type. Know what looks good on you and what does not.

3. Factor in the shipping cost. When buying or bidding such as in ebay, always add in to the total amount the shiiping fee if the seller won't shoulder the cost. Buying from sellers near your area or within the same country will definitely lessen your cost and will also come much sooner.

4. Have a safe and easy payment method. Paying thru remittances or wire money will oftentimes cost you not only some money but also a bit of your precious time falling in line or travelling. It is also risky to use your credit card when paying online. The best way therefore is to open up a paypal account. It's a faster and safer payment method for online transactions.

5. Buy only from trusted sellers. There arre a lot of sellers online and some are just bogus. Know who you are buying from or if she/he has a proven good track record. You can simply check the comments from previous buyer if service is good and real. Better yet you can inquire they're records from trusted officials such as this site were a sponsor ID is indicated so to verify us just call M&Co.
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