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3 easy steps on how to know the best color for you

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In choosing the best clothing for yourself, whether online or offline, you must take well into consideration the color that best suits you. The color of a clothing can bring out the best in you or can spoil your entire get-up even if it's a very pretty dress. But once you discovered the best color for you, choosing your clothes will become a bliss!

Step 1. Understand the different seasons of color

In identifying the best color for you, it is needed for you to understand that color is based on seasons and every person's color can be described as a season. The four seasons of color is spring, winter, autumn and summer. Each season is a combination of two characteristics namely warm or cool and clear or muted.

Step 2. Know your season

In order to find your season, first assess your color if your warm or cool. warm skin tones mostly have yellow undertones and cool ones have blue. This is could be a bit difficult but if you have quite golden skin then you are definitely warm and you are cool if you have red cheeks or slight ruddiness. For the next characteristic you must take into account your over-all appearance and color such as your hair and eyes(they do play a role!). Muted color has less contrast between their skin, hair and eyes thus your color appears soft. you will know you're clear if there's a large contrast in your color and appears translucent.

Choose your season using the combination below:
warm and clear - spring
celebrity example: Kate Hudson, Brittany Snow, Nicole Kidman
cool and clear - winter
example: Lucy Liu, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway
warm and muted - autumn
celebrity example: Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba
cool and muted - summer
celebrity example: Reese Witherspoon, Kate Middleton, Sarah Jesica Parker

Step 3. Know the best color for your season

Based on your assessment from step 2, you can now identify the color best for you. 

spring - salmon or lime, turquoise, watermelon 
winter - black, white, red and navy blue
autumn - moss, rust, olive green or terracotta
summer - rose, periwinkle, burgundy or pastels

After knowing the best color for you, it is also very important that you take into consideration what other people tells you what looks good on you or not. Because there are some cases wherein a person from a different pallette would look absolutely gorgeous in other people's season or colors. There are after all always some exception to the rule. It is just best to keep this knowledge handy just in case. 

If you're not sure what season you are, I would love to help! Just email me at

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