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How to find your shoe size

Milk and Company also offers a classic variety of shoe wear. But to know what shoe size will fit you is a bit of a challenge to determine. I want to share the standard measurement M&Co has provided so buyers will know exactly what they need. Read on to find what your shoe size is.

1. Measure the length of your foot.
For the most accurate measurement, place your bare foot on a piece of paper and place marks at your heel and tip of the longest toe, then measure the distance between the two marks.

2. Measure the width of your foot.
Using the same method as above, place your marks on the paper at both sides of the widest part of your foot. The distance between these two points will indicate which shoe width you will need.

3. Check with a size chart to determine which shoe size is best for you.
Using your measurements from step 1 and step 2, refer to the following chart to determine your shoe size.

Women's Shoe Size Chart (no half size)

SHOE SIZE                      SIZE LENGTH                               SIZE WIDTH (STANDARD)
Inches                        Inches            Centimeters                           Inches       Centimeters     
   5                                       8.6                   21.9                                            2.7               6.8
   6                                       8.9                   22.7                                            2.8               7.1                
   7                                       9.2                   23.5                                            2.9               7.3
   8                                       9.6                   24.5                                            3.1               7.8
   9                                       9.9                   25.3                                            3.2               8.1

Men's Shoe Size Chart (no half size)

SHOE SIZE                     SIZE LENGTH                              SIZE WIDTH (STANDARD)
Inches                        Inches            Centimeters                         Inches       Centimeters    
   7                                      10.6                    27                                            3.6               8.6
   8                                      10.8                   27.5                                          3.8               8.8                
   9                                      11.2                   28.5                                          3.9                9
  10                                     11.6                   29.5                                           4                10.2


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